Second Survey 2012

2nd KAU – SRI Saudi-Arabian coast Biodiversity Survey
(02.02. – 12.03.2012)

During the second survey the following four localities were visited:

Survey localities 2012

Locality Latitude Longitude
Farasan 16°44’N 41°59’E
Al Qunfudhah 19°13.5’N 41°0’E
Al Lith 20°16’N 39°59.5’E
Jeddah 21°42.5’N 39°5.8’E

Latitude and longitude are given as average of all collecting stations in the respective region that are marked red in the map.

More than 830 species have been collected during the second survey. These are in part still under study.

All available shallow marine habitats were sampled with different methods.

Download full station list here.

Expedition Group 2012







Expedition group in Al Lith
at the site of the
national prawn company